When was the first adhesive bandage made

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when was the first adhesive bandage made

Not that she didn't try. It is intended for visitors from the United States of America. By Margaret Gurowitz.

when was the first adhesive bandage made

Read 2 comments. Video Contest. They were in a real bind. The inventor of the telephone.

A History of BAND-AID® Brand Innovation

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when was the first adhesive bandage made

Sir Joseph Lister. Band-Aids - History of Band-Aids. The company sold them with the brand name "Band-Aids", and when introduced, they were the first dressings for small wounds that users could apply themselves. The innovators behind the personal computer.


This site will not publish any comments that have inappropriate language... He covered it with crinoline fabric and rolled it up.

First Name. Band-Aids were not very successful during their first year. In a world full of cuts, scrapes, blisters and bruises it seems hard to imagine life without those little adhesive bandages. By the end of 1920, only three thousand dollars in sales had been made.

Get Stuck on Band-Aid History

Travel Armenia. In reply to who was the first person to… by Anonymous. The inventor of the Band-Aid, who was born on this day in 1892, originally came up with the idea to help his wife, Josephine Knight Dickson. Photo of the Day. The Band-Aid that Dickson received a patent for in 1926 looks essentially the same as Band-Aids today: Travel With Us.

when was the first adhesive bandage made

Finally, after several weeks of kitchen accidents, Earle hit upon an idea. Address 2.

when was the first adhesive bandage made

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