When i grow up fever ray lyrics

Fever Ray - When I Grow Up lyrics

Just a note about one lyric that seems to have a lot of people perplexed, I offer another take on this: Flag Aquarius121 on May 08, 2011. I was afraid in the dark.

when i grow up fever ray lyrics

Login with Google Error: That's true. The next verse is I think Karin fantasising about growing up all over again from childhood and and wondering what path her life could have take a turn had she chosen a different course.

Lyrics licensed by LyricFind. Maybe the person the narrator sings to abdondoned them, or died, or maybe they failed to return the love the child felt for them. Remember Me.

Fever Ray:When I Grow Up Lyrics

I put my soul into what I do Last night I drew a funny man With dog eyes and a hanging tongue It goes way back I never like that sad look From someone who wants to be loved by you. Nominate as Song of the Day. Log in. I like this interpretation.

when i grow up fever ray lyrics

Fever Ray. SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. Though,her "God" is Nature, I guess: Start a Wiki. One of the best I heard lately...

"When I Grow Up" lyrics

General Comment i love this song! Artists - F. I interpret this song as follows: The child put her soul into everything she does, like her drawing of a of a funny man...

when i grow up fever ray lyrics

It's taking attention away from her as the beloved person is focused more on herself. The theme's of age and alternate perspectives are all over this album.

When I Grow Up Lyrics

The first verse is from her daughter's perspective - as with many Fever Ray songs, the child's perspective is often represented - the daughter is perhaps fascinated by Australia and maybe has books on it and talks about it constantly in the way kids become obsessed so wholly with things. Though I do agree with all the other opinions here... Why not add your own?

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when i grow up fever ray lyrics

General Comment it kinda sounds like what god would say to the population. Just as God did, after world's creation...