What am i to you question

What should I say when my boyfriend asks me: 1) What am I to you? 2) How do you feel about me?

I feel as though using this word with no meaning behind it causes a lot of hurt on my end, and the receivers. Hot Network Questions.

I remained cognizant of the fact that the more dead wood I burned off, voluntarily, the less it gathered around me, the easier it was to move forward in time. What is the perfect age to marry and perfect age to have kids whilst still young?

what am i to you question

He is 4 months younger than me. This is no trivial matter. Megan did.

what am i to you question

You're such a blowhard sometimes... Before I left for the open house, I made sure that my outfit was cute, yet comfortable, my lipstick wasn't smudged, and that the gum I was chewing was working.

"What Am I" Riddles And Fun Brain Teasers For Kids And All

But DON'T let them take control of the typewriter. Walking home I held back the tears. Sororities aren't for everyone and that is perfectly okay. I then documented this by designing a week worth of days that I would really like to have. This involved a conscious effort not to divert my path out of fear.

14 Answers To The Question: "Who Am I?"

Refine your personality. Yes No.

what am i to you question

Improve the quality of your actions. Get updates Get updates.

If I tell you I love you, I mean it. Judge me if you must, but I tell these people everything because family doesn't leave and they are the best to rely on. Mistakes are the best thing that could happen to me, honestly.