How to categorize email in gmail

Create a label On your computer, open Inbox.

how to categorize email in gmail

Create a New Label Keep your inbox organized by creating your own labels acting as folders. Open Label You can view your messages in your labels or sublabels.

how to categorize email in gmail

Click the desired label to the left or right of the Gmail display. You can apply more than one label to a message. Click more below the list of labels.

Type the desired label or view's name until it is highlighted and hit Enter for speedy action. Pro Tip: Select Create new label.

How to categorize your Gmail messages using labels

Labels are a great way to organize Gmail. If a topic has many aspects that will need to be explained or discussed, take it to a personal meeting. To make a label appear dark gray on light gray, click Remove color.

how to categorize email in gmail

Type the desired label name. Here is how to create a parent label: They are very similar to Google Drive folders. If the label is not visible: He also reads sometimes.

Label emails in Inbox

Hovering over the label will expand it to display labels that may currently be hidden. For example, if you get a bunch of newsletter emails you have no interest in, you can create a filter that will automatically archive all emails that come from that address.

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how to categorize email in gmail