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Christmas Photoshoot.

what can reiki level 1 donkey

So far things have been tough going on Harmony Farm. Allopathy is still working to find an effective treatment and cure.


It breaks basic concepts further down into easily digestible pieces, one at a time. Thank you, Kathleen.

what can reiki level 1 donkey

Boomer is now the sire of six girls in a row, no boys. After hearing what Reiki has to offer an animal or person anytime, anywhere, I knew I wanted to learn Reiki and incorporate this wonderful healing modality into my life.

what can reiki level 1 donkey

The horses have gone through the green grass like roving locusts and they all look gloriously round and shiny. Connecting with horses, donkeys sheep goats and cats. Cotton and Marley are awesome!

what can reiki level 1 donkey

Jack and I showing Harmony through our spiritual connection. I love the way Kathleen teaches.

Our Livestock Guardian Puppies

Kathleen embodies Reiki — she is so gentle, supportive, generous and present for us, and she will forever be my inspiration and teacher. Even though I was only able to attend two of the three days, I notice that the feeling of the Reiki space we created has remained with me and I am feeling even more eager to meditate and share Reiki with animals. Her gentle energy and authentic practice has reinforced my own interactions with the animals that have been my teachers, healers and companions throughout my own, sometimes difficult medical journey.

Kathleen was compassionate, calm, present, funny, tuned in to her students, and a gifted practitioner. It was thorough and Kathleen was great at giving excellent feedback, challenges and recommendations.

what can reiki level 1 donkey

She's affectionately called "War Horse" because there is nothing that frightens this girl! All rights reserved.

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Kijiji Alerts. I noticed a huge difference in their demeanor around me and the other dogs and how relaxed they really were after the treatments.

You are truly an inspiration for Reiki Masters who love animals!