What are scrollbars used for

A scroll bar control provides a built-in keyboard interface that enables the user to issue scrolling requests by using the keyboard; a standard scroll bar does not. However, you must always specify the x- and y-coordinates and the other dimensions of the scroll bar when you call CreateWindow or CreateWindowEx. The following screen shot shows a rich edit control with vertical and horizontal scroll bars, as they might appear in Windows Vista. When the contents of a window are too large to be displayed entirely within the window, a scroll bar will appear.

Scroll Bar

The simplest way to scroll the content of a client area is to erase and then redraw it. Specifically, they can see how difficult it is for users to find and use certain features, such as scroll bars or dropdown menus, or to locate important links.

what are scrollbars used for

The page size represents the number of data units that can fit in the client area of the owner window given its current size. Cite this definition: Each message includes a request code that corresponds to the user's action, to the handle to the scroll bar scroll bar controls only , and, in some cases, to the position of the scroll box.


An application scrolls the window content downward so that the top of the data object is visible. The SetScrollPos function sets the position of the scroll box thumb in the specified scroll bar and, if requested, redraws the scroll bar to reflect the new position of the scroll box.

what are scrollbars used for

A window can display a data object, such as a document or a bitmap, that is larger than the window's client area. Instead, they should use the SetScrollInfo function.

Scroll bar

Width of scroll box on horizontal scroll bar. This is because the slider's size represents what percentage of the window's content is currently being displayed within the window. Applications which implement a custom scroll bar control must respond to these messages for the SetScrollRange function to work properly.

The vertical scroll bar is currently "hot" because the mouse pointer was hovering over it when the screen shot was taken.

what are scrollbars used for

Related scroll bar pages. Instead, it passes the request to the parent window, which must scroll the data and update the scroll box position.

Following are the system metric values associated with scroll bars.

About Scroll Bars

When working with images or other documents zooming in will also enable horizontal scrolling. Whenever a window containing a scroll bar is resized, an application should call the SetScrollInfo function to set the page size. Therefore, if two windows are the same size, the one with the smaller slider has more content than the one with the larger slider.

See the IntelliMouse definition for additional information about these mice.