How to fix identity theft canada

Remember to contact and file fraud warnings with both bureaus. Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information without your knowledge for criminal purposes.

how to fix identity theft canada

Ask them to: Make a list of all the identification information that was lost or stolen. Rate Rate.

Notify credit card companies, banks and other financial institution and change all of your passwords Call all credit card companies, creditors, banks and other financial institutions where you have accounts that may have been affected. Please note, it is not the police force's responsibility to recover money you've lost.

how to fix identity theft canada

Safe appears over top of the items then they are moved into the safe Keep your personal information from falling into the wrong hands. Ontario Toll Free: Report the theft or fraud to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Center by going to their website or by dialing 1-888-495-8501. Provincial and territorial identification documents include your birth certificate, driver's license, health card and more. Share facebook twitter Print.

How to avoid or recover from identity theft

By phone Toll-Free: Create a chart to enter and track the steps taken and the information provided. Credit card, passport, and check book fly in.

EQUIFAX: Identity Theft - What I had to do!

This can alert those checking your credit to make sure they are dealing with you and not an imposter. If a passport is lost or stolen, the bearer is required to report the circumstances of the loss or theft to Passport Canada and to the local police.

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An official will review your information and provide you with assistance and guidance. The new legislation on identity theft provides a complete list of identity documents. Computer screen with Sin, date of birth and credit card numbers on it that are Xs only.

how to fix identity theft canada

Close any accounts you didn't open Decline any new accounts you didn't request Contact your local police Report the theft of your identification information to your local police force. Ask that any new requests for service first be confirmed with you. If this happens, check the terms of the social media site or website to find out how to take action against the account that is falsely using your name or likeness.

how to fix identity theft canada

Newfoundland and Labrador Tel.: If your immigration documents have been lost or stolen, or if you suspect that someone is fraudulently using your immigration documents, please contact the CIC. If criminal activity is involved — for example, if someone is creating fake online accounts in your name to harass you — take screen shots of the online activity and file a report with your local police.

The department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC is responsible for the admission of immigrants, foreign students, visitors and temporary workers who help Canada's social and economic growth. Also, bring an original identity document your birth certificate or citizenship document. British Columbia Toll Free: Id tags drop in with a picture of a file folder, check book, credit card, and shopping cart.

how to fix identity theft canada