How to defeat the sorrow mgs3

Fun Side Note: The Pain's main attacks at the beginning include him having the bees bring him a Tommy gun to fire at you, and the bees dropping grenades.

Metal Gear Solid 3 - The Sorrow - BOSS BATTLE - Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

The Sorrow was unaware that The Boss was the one who planted the sleeper agent in the first place. During this time, The Sorrow exclaimed, "You will all be killed by your sons," and, "You...

how to defeat the sorrow mgs3

This question has been successfully answered and closed. Another one of his attacks is using his electrical current to fire bullets at you. Monkey FAQ - http: When this happens, just pull out your knife and ward off the hornets.

how to defeat the sorrow mgs3

Keep shooting him, even when his shield is up. The Boss XI.

how to defeat the sorrow mgs3

The nest, when eaten, will provide Excellent stamina recovery. This means you have 5 more minutes to kill her, which should not be a problem if you follow this strategy correctly.


You are stuck in a small square room. When she is down, tap R2 to de-select the SVD, stand up, run away a little, then press and hold X to go into a roll which leads into a crawl. Use the Mk22 or Mosin Nagant during this battle. Peace Walker , the specific circumstances behind The Sorrow's assassination by The Boss is elaborated on.

The Sorrow

The Fear ----------------------------------------------------- Special Unlockables: After a while he rises to his knees. This is not recommended though, because it leaves you in the wide open and there is nothing you can do to avoid being shot. If you do not, your stamina will decrease, and once it reaches zero, you will have to start the battle over. So just follow him and shoot him the whole time. The Fury is fairly easy, and there is nothing really of interest in this level except for the ledge that you can fall off of if you are not careful, and the bats that you can eat if you need stamina.

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Links XII. While you are hiding, make sure to look for where The Boss goes. If you can, find his position and shoot him. So when you shoot him three times to knock him over, immediately stand up and run away.

how to defeat the sorrow mgs3

This way, The Boss will not know where you shot from and cannot track you.