How rare are double drop tines whitetails

I am positive he is still alive. Check out these rutting bucks and learn about their behavior during the best weeks of the year. Bill Wilson had his heart set on the double-drop monster Ohio whitetail, but on January 12, 2015, he got some bad news.

They are extremely rare and very different........ Find More Posts by wisbowhunter2009. I would choose the black pearl because of how rare they are.

how rare are double drop tines whitetails

New posts. If you shoot one that scores as a non-typical, then you get credit for them. Send a private message to jrbsr.

Drop tines: Why the fascination?

How common are droptines? And I remember thinking that if I blew this now, it would be just horrible. Wanting to join the rest of our members?

how rare are double drop tines whitetails

I've always wanted to kill something with double-drops so you cold hold them in the hero shots!!! Thunderflight said: Talk about an awesome surprise on top of a already great deer.

Just being able to put myself close to these deer.

I really think it is due to just the rarity of the rack. However, a buck like the one Cotty posted last night or Hook Jr does get my attention. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus youTube instagram snapchat rss. Can't get enough of big bucks? I've seen people get worked up about a small 100 inch buck with a drop tine. Dannmann801 Senior Member Supporting Member.

I havent seen him since jan of 09. Same reason pistol grips on rifles are cool lookin.. Where did he fall?

Big Bucks: Ohio Hunter Gets Redemption With Double Drop-Tine

That's how ludicris the scoring system is IMO. Find More Posts by steve25. He gross scored something like 164 and some change.

how rare are double drop tines whitetails

Mark Forums Read. I really appreciate all aspects of the hunt and the animal.