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There are some people who painstakingly pick out their targets and visit touring productions solely to experience hi-fi sound at concert levels; not many, but a few. Joel Pencer Suncorp outlines customer investments, digitisation as key to business improvement.

The who, what and how. The functional cookies are made to ensure that you can share content across websites such as Facebook like. Sanket Nair 7 businesses successfully implementing chatbots.

The theatre, which predominantly stages traditional Cantonese opera, opened in 1930 to fulfill a need for cheap entertainment in a city whose economy had yet to develop.

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Myer customer and marketing chief one of 30 execs cut

Lessons from the best: King was most recently the chief of UK retail department store, House of Fraser, where he is credited with a transformation that culminated in company's sale to Chinese conglomerate, Sanpower, in 2014. Interesting article but what about the employees? The business would go on to change the game, setting the bar for customer experience CX.

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