Windows 10 ads everywhere on google

And you should code for MS ;. Ad's which I expressly do not want to see. This thread is locked. Thus endeth the lesson on the difference between ad-supported software and software you pay real money for. It comes with some well known filters pre-installed EasyList, EasyPrivacy etc but many more are available. You love your always-on listening devices in your home.

windows 10 ads everywhere on google

Did you get Windows 10 for free? I'll check out later.

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What they don't understand, never have, and likely never will, is. Even my routers and modems are now Linux. Google envy Score: You get what you pay for. The worst part of it all is that aside from those, Windows 10 is actually a good OS. How much did you pay for Google? Win 8.

How can I stop pop-up ads in Windows?

The new stuff is good and look forward to more support but too many games I play would be unplayable. Thanks again,.

It will hopefully fix itself in time. Microsoft is either stupid or evil.. The whole nvidia thing is a moot point; you don't even need to get that far to see the ads. The write-ups on Slashdot make it sound like Taboola is built into the desktop background, but it has been more subtle and relatively easy to ignore since it is essentially pushing for app style purchases...


So check your smug. People allow abuse.

windows 10 ads everywhere on google

Skip to main content. Doesn't mean some aren't silly. No new comments can be posted. Windows10 submitted 1 month ago by huddie71.

windows 10 ads everywhere on google

And until the critical mass of non-Windows programs that can replace their Windows counterparts, which would allow you to leave Windows for a superior OS, has not been reached, you will remain in that position. I don't know if this is a region thing or because I extensively thrawled configuration options, but I don't have any ads whatsoever on my Windows 10.

I don't think I'm sick of ads at all.

windows 10 ads everywhere on google