Mustang rattle when cold hurts

mustang rattle when cold hurts

Enter your Email: Smilies are On. I once worked on an old police cruiser that the oil had not been changed in 60 thousand miles.

cold start rattle

They said it was the electronic throttle body, fixed it, but I notice the AC kept surging in and out and every time it was on it would pull down the performance of the car really bad. Forgot your password? Try a higher grade of fuel. JavaScript is disabled. The evaporator cores of Ford Mustangs are defective. Mark Forums Read. Be comforted knowing that your vehicle is covered with an extended warranty.

Jan 9, 2006 499 2 18 Minneapolis. Fenix Well-Known Member. March 30, 2018 Bought a 2017 Mustang GT and paid 45 thousand cash and after a year and 19000 miles having problems one after another.

mustang rattle when cold hurts

Second one replaced at 40k, not under warranty. The sound would vary from an almost knock to what old school guys would call a "dry lifter". I just supercharged the car.

mustang rattle when cold hurts

My dealer was finally able to reproduce it, so now they can acknowledge it's doing it. Kosta answered 10 years ago.

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Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever. It was the VVT actuator and when it failed, the timing chain jumped and you can imagine what happened after that.

mustang rattle when cold hurts

The car stopped and she put it in reverse and it did it again. Car runs fine so i'm guessing its nothign really. What oil filter are you using?

I'm assuming it's pretty normal for these cara cause my other mustang did the same crap. Originally Posted by The Blue Bomber. First Name: