How tall is the shortest soccer player

Quick Reads Where are they now? Planet Football Share. In his formative years at Corinthians, he had gone by another self-explanatory moniker: Alex Keble Share.

Little and large: Who are the shortest and tallest players in the Premier League?

In reality, however, being exceptionally tall is more of a help than it is a hindrance. The numbers back up the hypothesis.

how tall is the shortest soccer player

His namesake, the notably squat singer and pianist Elton John, is five inches taller than him. Trying to understand how Xavi ended up winning the lottery in Qatar.

World Cup 2018: Does height matter in football?

Videos Watch: His former house, for example, had a racing car attached to the wall for decoration. Aged eight, the Argentinian youngster demonstrated a prodigious level of talent, impressing scouts with his mesmeric dribbling skills. On the other hand, shortness is a genuine disadvantage.

how tall is the shortest soccer player

Rivaldo, Vertonghen, Baggio… Some of these could have transformed the Magpies. Yeah, okay, this is very difficult.

Yet disadvantages are there to be overcome.

how tall is the shortest soccer player

Harry Maguire channels inner Lionel Messi with mazy run down wing The Leicester defender can do it all. No current professional male footballer is less than 5ft tall, but one comes closer than all others.

Nostalgia Pablo Aimar: Benedict O'Neill Share. In recent years, he has posted videos of his children singing the national anthem of Saudi Arabia. But there was a big — or rather, small — stumbling block in the way of his development: His next destination was Dubai, before a short time back in Brazil with Sport Recife preceded the most successful period of his career: A brilliant player unfairly overshadowed by his pal Riquelme Why does one remain lauded and the other not?

Quick Reads Nine players who Newcastle nearly signed: Even Diego Maradona, widely cited as an example of how skill can trump height and physicality, stands at a relatively colossal 5ft 5in. Yet the playmaker has carved out a long career in senior professional football that has taken him from Brazil to Romania, to various countries in the Middle East, back to Brazil and then back to the Middle East again.

how tall is the shortest soccer player

Pundits frequently give kudos to exceptionally tall players like Peter Crouch simply for being able to control their limbs. It worked, too: But at more than a foot below average? Fortunately, he would eventually be saved by Barcelona, who were happy to invest in his talent by paying for his medical treatment.