Who invented wasd controls inc

What is the origin of the WASD key scheme? Menu Store New releases. The rest is history… WASD has been the standard ever since. Join the team.


Some fps players still use ESDF or something shifted even more to the right, since it allows your pinky finger to access a lot more buttons without having to lift off the movement controls. Posted June 27, 2014. While testing his new discoveries, he found the most comfortable and effective key combination for video gaming, the keys of which have since been named in his honor.

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Chase Sandmann 2,516 4 17 55. Do a little Googling and you'll find plenty of people arguing that ESDF is the more natural configuration. Post as a guest Name. W , down: Sign in Create account Sign in.

How WASD became the standard PC control scheme

In the early days of first-person shooters, Fong says the keymappings were all over the place, and even the great Thresh had only just started to play with a mouse at all. I created WASD in the same way that cursors are created using the following little bit of code: Browse all games. Your profile. ASXC just sounds bonkers to me. S, Phaser.

WASD? who came up with it?

Community wishlist. I had to check it, and I noticed that e. What was responsible for this change? Instead, he prefers ASXC. Why did WASD come about in the first place? Report post. Ask Question. But without Fong's influence, the default could have ended up different. But for arcade games like Tekken 2, Super Street Fighter 2 etc.

Why gamers use WASD to move