What are the best compact 4-wheel drives

Higher grades score the aforementioned Eyesight system, and the top-spec 2. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Back to top Facebook Twitter YouTube. The systems can also be configured to transfer power to an outside rear wheel in cornering maneuvers, or to wherever traction is most needed.

Every Compact Crossover SUV Ranked from Worst to Best

A six-speed manual transmission is standard, a six-speed automatic is offered as an option. Best in class. The higher performing TTS models get 265 horsepower and 258 ft-lbs of torque from a revised version of the same engine. Standard equipment on the Maxx includes a seven-inch colour touchscreen with internet radio integration, reversing camera, steering wheel audio controls, satnav, air conditioning, keyless start, height adjustable front seats, 60: For all-wheel drive, your first opportunity will be with Paceman S.

what are the best compact 4-wheel drives

Confused by Jeep's small SUV lineup? Email address: The interior is nice up front—less so in the rear seat—and there's plenty of room for cargo.

Best Small All-Wheel Drive Cars

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. It is also one of the few compact SUVs to offer a hybrid variant which provides slightly more power and considerably better fuel economy at least per the EPA than the base four-cylinder gas engine.

what are the best compact 4-wheel drives

The handsome crossover has a straightforward, nicely built interior and competent chassis tuning that delivers a comfortable, controlled ride. A base 2. Mazda CX-5. A larger, more capacious model, Paceman maintains the classic Mini silhouette and two-door body style. Toyota may have hoped its C-HR would be further up the sales charts but it faces some seriously stiff competition in the compact AWD wagon segment. Other than its friendlier looks, the Equinox boasts a more nicely built interior and forgoes the GMC's odd transmission controls.

The powertrain can, however, be quite fuel-efficient particularly on the highway , and the car's ride is comfortable.

what are the best compact 4-wheel drives

Quick search. Elsewhere, the Dacia Duster sits in a class of its own, by offering rugged durability, crossover-sized space and outstanding value for money all rolled into one, while the Subaru XV has a permanent 4WD system that gives it more off-road ability than most owners are likely to ever need, although it's not quite as spacious as its rivals.

It is good looking and roomy, but its four-cylinder engine is anemic, and there is plenty of body roll during cornering and the steering response is vague.

Toyota RAV4.

what are the best compact 4-wheel drives