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sapir whorf theory wikipedia encyclopedia

One way of studying how language determines worldview is through neuro-linguistic programming, as done by John Grinder. It started being widely discussed after the work done by linguists Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf in the first half of the twentieth century.

What is it You might think our thoughts simply determine what we say.

sapir whorf theory wikipedia encyclopedia

Lera uses positions in sports to illustrate these differences. There have been many debates and studies done over the past century into these issues.

The Sapir Whorf Hypothesis

Ian Schoales the 60-second Philosopher Seek to 49: Edward Sapir Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: At the same time, opposition to... The main subject of debate is just how much influence there really is. Lojban -- a language designed to aid creative thinking and speed up all other thought, based on Loglan See also: After vigorous attack from followers of Noam Chomsky in the following decades, the hypothesis is now believed by most linguists only in the weak sense that language can have some small effect on thought.

sapir whorf theory wikipedia encyclopedia

Examples E-Prime -- considers the verb "to be" in terms of general semantics The Dispossessed -- describes a fictional anarchist culture where use of the possessive case is taboo The Languages of Pao -- science fiction novel depicting a social engineer who designs new languages for societies that wish to change their lot Babel-17 -- science fiction novel by Samuel R.

The extreme " Weltanschauung " version of this idea, that all thought is constrained by language, can be disproved through personal experience: Sunday, October 22, 2006. James Cooke Brown created the Loglan language which led to an offshoot Lojban in order to test the hypothesis.

sapir whorf theory wikipedia encyclopedia

A seminal NLP insight came from a challenge he gave to his students: First discussed by Sapir in 1929 , the hypothesis became popular in the 1950s following posthumous publication of Whorf's writings on the subject. John and Ken begin by asking which comes first--language or thought?

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The opposite extreme--that language does not influence thought at all--is also widely considered to be false. Listening Notes John and Ken begin by asking which comes first--language or thought? Create new account Request new password. SWH states that the way people think is strongly affected by their native languages.

sapir whorf theory wikipedia encyclopedia

Lera describes how the connection between language and thought was first noticed because different languages described the world in very different ways structurally. Lera discusses experimental evidence for and against the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis with callers who relate their own personal losses in translation and theories of language and thought.

Some of the strongest arguments against the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis came from supporters of Noam Chomsky after the 1950's.