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This female wholphin was born in 1985 in the Sea Life Park in Hawaii. Interesting Wholphin Facts: Search this site.

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Wholphin can reach 12 to 22 feet in length and around 600 pounds of weight. A wolphin, or wholphin, is the offspring of a male false killer whale and female bottlenose dolphin. Its diet is based on the fish such as herring and capelin.

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Hybrids Bibliography Vocabulary. False killer whales are actually the second biggest dolphin species.

Young wholphin is weaned at the age of one to two years. Despite its name, false killer whale is member of the family of oceanic dolphins, just like the bottlenose dolphin.

Wholphin Facts Wholphin is marine mammal created by cross-breeding of bottlenose dolphin and false killer whale. Although it is commonly thought of as the hybrid offspring of a whale and a dolphin, this is not true; in fact, there is no whale DNA in a wholpin and the reason it is called that is because the father is a false killer whale.

Wholphins are extremely rare creatures that can be seen only in the captivity at the moment. Related Links: Parent Species: Chordata Class: Wolphin Chromosome: Pseudorca Species: False Killer Whale Pseudorca crassidens.

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