How to make menudo filipino dish

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how to make menudo filipino dish

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how to make menudo filipino dish

Cook Time. Add tomato sauce, liver paste if this is what you're using , carrots, potatoes and raisins, simmer stirring occasionally.

Pork Menudo

Connect with us. Saute garlic, onion, and tomatoes in lard. No Results. Season to taste.

how to make menudo filipino dish

Hi Malen, this is the old style menudo recipe and uses fresh tomatoes instead of tomato sauce. Close Share this recipe: Mango Mousse Recipe. Add the the liver and cook for 5 minutes.

Filipino Menudo

US Metric. Pinterest Facebook Email. Which is colder, ice or steam? This is one of my husband's favourite Filipino dishes. I was once a lousy cook,but now since I started using some of your recipe,I began to love cooking especially when my daughter as well as my friends tasted the food I cooked based on your recipe.

Crunchy Juicy Fried Chicken.

how to make menudo filipino dish

Cooking Time. Add potatoes, carrots and green peas.