How many different sects of islam existed

Why would they let this so called diversity be celebrated when their religious existence is based upon rejecting it. Do not forget the dictum: In further information on Zak Zaky, AFP described him as "a soft-spoken 46-year-old Islamic scholar and the leader of Nigeria's most prominent Islamic movement [who] has little faith in Nigeria's current leaders" 19 Feb.

how many different sects of islam existed

The perceived violator is present all the time and the language of the court is usually Hausa or English. Now the Holy Prophet was persecuted, called a disbeliever, prevented from worshiping and so on. The following information was provided in correspondence dated 27 March 2001 from a professor in the Department of History at Idaho State University. This means Malaysia has had to develop a constitution that protects the rights of religious minorities, whereas Saudi Arabia has not. Sunnis are largely spectators in the real duel in town between pro-Ali and anti-Ali factions that is heading for high noon.

Muslims Adhere to Different Islamic Sects

Facts matter. Zaky's generally acclaimed Deputy, Mallam Mahmud Turi, holds a degree in accountancy from the University of Maiduguri.

The Christian Science Monitor [Boston]. The committee also accused the state government of allowing cases involving Muslims to be taken to magistrates' courts, and said that it was a contravention of the codified Sharia law of the state. This line of discussion goes right to the heart of the current problems facing the Muslim world.

how many different sects of islam existed

Twitter Share. Custom dictates that the executioner holds a book under the arm with the whip to further reduce the force of the blow.

Sunnis and Shia: Islam's ancient schism

They apprehend perceived violators of the law "under the auspices of the state government. Death penalty. Aug 10, 2013 07: And this locally varied cult of saints played and continues to play an important role in Islamic religious life from Morocco in the West to Pakistan in the East.

how many different sects of islam existed

The Encyclopaedia of Islam. The Imam delivers the weekly sermon on Friday at the mosque. Another issue to ponder is the relevance of religious doctrines in this age and time.

Muslim sect discovered living underground in Russia