Whats in my bag basketball wives

Basketball Wives: Jennifer Williams Flew 10 Hours, Sans “Receipts,” To Get Cussed Out By Everybody

Shows like BasketballWives make me not want to have friends. Click to comment.

whats in my bag basketball wives

Either everyone is lying on Jennifer, or she is super forgetful about the things she said about Evelyn when their friendship fell apart. During this whole ordeal, none of the other ladies ever spoke up to tell Tami she was doing the most with the least.

whats in my bag basketball wives

Your email address will not be published. When confronted about such comments, Jennifer called them out as false, only for Shaunie to say that Jennifer has talked about Shaunice to her in the past, too.

whats in my bag basketball wives

Why should someone have to apologize to retrieve their own property? Daaaaammm I never heard Shaunie curse nobody out BasketballWives pic.

KEEPING IT REALITY: Basketball Wives Miami Episode 13

Yes, Tami was problematic in this whole situation as well I still stand by the belief that she told Shaunie about the rumor a year later to hurt both Jennifer and Evelyn and their friendship, which is messy , but Jennifer seems to have brought the rumor to the table.

Bye, Jennifer.

whats in my bag basketball wives

Lmaooooo BasketballWives. She even puts on her sunglasses and goes through her iPhone. This episode of basketball wives has me like BasketballWives pic.

'Basketball Wives' Star Draya Michele Talks Mint Swim Fashion Line & Plays "What's in My Bag?"

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whats in my bag basketball wives

Comment Disclaimer: Instead, she held herself up as a victim up until the very end. Entertainment News. Also Tami, no damns are given about you not respecting Kesha. Either way, sis is officially on an island by herself.