What do tractor tyre sizes mean

The maximum load the tire can handle. R2 is used for farming extremely wet and difficult conditions. R1, R1W, or R2.

what do tractor tyre sizes mean

The 22 is the diameter of the rim that the tire will go on. Hello Guest, Login. This gives radial tires more traction than bias, making them the preferred tire for wet, muddy field conditions or tillage operations. This number refers to the overall diameter of the tire or the tire height. I'm sure a few others are old enough to remember when we all drove around on 6. For example 18.

what do tractor tyre sizes mean

Tread designation. Turning radius is measured from the center of the turn to the center of the outside tire 1. The third number in our lawn tractor tire size is 6.

Tractor Tire Conversion Chart

Lawn Tractors are very rarely over-loaded, but a tire with a higher carrying capacity is also more resistant to punctures because the casing of the tire is thicker and stronger.

Like any other tire, lawn tractor tires have a series of numbers molded on to the side that spell out specific details about the tire. Tire terminology definitions.

what do tractor tyre sizes mean

We know right away that our tire is not rated for highway service because the letters NHS are on the tire. If our lawn tractor tire size was 18x8. Divide the metric number mm by 25. International speed symbols Speed symbol. The tyre size might read like this: Because they are very aggressive tires, they are idea for field work. Aspect ratio - Number that provides the tire sidewall height relative to the tire width.

What does tyre size mean?

Related posts: Turning radius. Things to look for if you do buy used tractor tires: Now that we have mastered the tire sizing, lets look at another piece of information which is on the side of your lawn tractor tire. What does tyre size mean? Tire wear.