Newhouse #1 maple hardwood

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If you have oak stair treads already in your home, chances are, they are red oak, so you may be better served matching that. Thank you for this nice article.

newhouse #1 maple hardwood

These suggestions will surely help. In the world of carpet, explains Dean , we are seeing far fewer shags and friezes and more patterned carpets.

When a Cupped Floor Has Been Rightly Installed

If you put in new red oak upstairs, and then later refinish your first floor which you will need to do eventually , they will be a closer match.

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newhouse #1 maple hardwood

How can I tell if the original floor is red or white? Ebony, white, or one of the various grey shades would be much better suited.

Best Engineered Wood Flooring – The Top Brands Reviewed (2018)

I am repairing an area of my oak floor. Reply What did you decide? I will definitely keep those cabinets on my list to research when we start our next remodel.

newhouse #1 maple hardwood

How would you recommend staining them dark to be similar to the other room? Thanks, Sheryl Reply. Within a week the entire new wood has cupped….. Did you choose Sommerset Hickory Toast?

Red oak vs. White Oak hardwood flooring – what’s the difference?

The crawlspace and proper ventilation can be a huge part of wood floor performance. What do you think? Ron Smith says: White oak tends to come out a bit darker and browner while red oak tends to come out a bit lighter and has a bit of red undertones. You will want to get some color samples from your flooring professional to see the range you can choose from.

newhouse #1 maple hardwood

I suspect moisture from the central AC system during the summer months must be condensing on the subfloor bottom and migrating up to the hardwood but I thought the insulation sleeve would have solved it.