How to remove eg side mirrors

Your email address will not be published. Log In. Put your car back together once you are sure that everything works properly including your speaker and door lock actuator. That panel just pops out.

1993 Honda Civic Sideview Mirror Repair

Please Wait... Featured How-Tos Honda Civic: Carefully set each bolt aside in your safe parts storage area and be sure to keep the mirror from falling to the ground as you remove the last and final bolt. Fast Shipping. Is anyone considering removing the wing from your CTR?

Removing Side Mirror Cap?

I estimated 7 feet for the passenger side mirror. The good news is that the only thing holding the sideview mirror to the car are three bolts.

how to remove eg side mirrors

View Public Profile. I see no use in having a driver's side power mirror other than for symmetry. Thread Tools.

OEM Power Mirrors Swap

Show Ignored Content. I know there is two type of rear view mirror mounting on the windshield for 92-95 5th gen civic, one is held by a screw with a cover on it, another one is a slide-off type.

how to remove eg side mirrors

So, if you have trouble snagging it with the hook, try the other direction. De-pin the speaker wires from both sides of the 2-pin harness.

92-95 EG Civic Rear view mirror removal question

Marshall Car s: Move back to the top of the door panel now and see if you can lift it up and away from the structure of the door. PMM-R22024 thanked this.

how to remove eg side mirrors

Rear view mirror. With the retaining clip removed the plastic handle will easily slip off the metal crank post. One of the wires is common to both mirrors.