How to adjust a misaligned garage door

A crooked garage door is an indicator of a severe problem with your door, and if you do nothing, you will allow for additional stress that could make it harder and more expensive to fix down the road. Do one track at a time with the door in the down position.

how to adjust a misaligned garage door

The overhead portion of the garage door track only has one adjustment point. The garage door track is attached to the door frame with metal clips.

how to adjust a misaligned garage door

Remove the bolt from the angle and move the angle over one or more holes to get the desired margin. Yes, Quote Me!

how to adjust a misaligned garage door

The door runs are housed in a garage door track, one on each side of the garage door. Tighten the bolts back up and check the operation of the door.

how to adjust a misaligned garage door

These will help keep your skin safe from cuts and other injuries. Causes for this type of issue can include warping of the door, damage to the rollers and debris in the tracks themselves.

In some cases, a snapped or broken cable and a broken torsion spring occur together. If you have a manual garage door, be extra cautious in case something was compromised during the adjustment process.

What Do I Do If My Garage Door Is Crooked?

Do you see daylight or feel cold air coming in? Details Last Updated: If your door is misaligned and will not shut properly, close it as much as you can.

how to adjust a misaligned garage door

If your cable is worn out and unwinds or snaps — or if something damages the cable — the result can be a door that is out of alignment and crooked. The cables work with the springs to help lift and lower the door. We do it all, from designing and building garage doors to selling, installing and repairing them.

Everything You Need to Know About Garage Door Alignment

When you are adjusting garage door track, you want the door down. Which is Best for Your Home? Your email address will not be published.