Doctor who exterminate shirt stays

It is back as one of my all time favourite shows. I needn't of worried, the series have brought better production values and a whole new level of story telling. I will always remember the Criketing outfit that he wore and the stick of celery that he kept pinned to his jacket.

This has been a bit of a stop start project, as I must admit this feature was started months ago and left dormant for some time before coming back to complete it. One of the reasons this list has taken so long, is when I originally started it I noticed, there were many shirts from the current Doctor and I wanted to include designs that featured all the Doctors.

doctor who exterminate shirt stays

Who do you think would win in a battle of wits between these two super geeks? Top 20 Torchwood T Shirts. I think it must be the 50th aniversity hype surrounding Doctor who that has motivated me to complete the feature.

Thus far I have seen all the Doctors in action and I have enjoyed stories from all Doctors. I will be honest, I did have trouble finding designs that I felt were good enough for my list of Doctor Who Tees. The last time the show was revived was what I would consider the ill fated tv movie made by Fox. I really love the premise of the new show having the Doctor as the lone survivor of his race and I feel it brings an extra dimension to the character.

doctor who exterminate shirt stays

Really can't beat them for looking scary. All Rights Reserved.

Exterminate! - Doctor Who Dalek T-Shirt

That classic line from Doctor Who, this cool tee is featuring Matt Smith. For the specific purpose of writing this, I have been researching what I consider the best Doctor Who tees available, this has been a massive task as I underestimated how popular Doctor Who is all over the world.

doctor who exterminate shirt stays

Doctor Who T-Shirts. A cool poster style design. There is always one Doctor that is 'your Doctor' the one that introduces you to Doctor Who for the first time and the one that you have the most sentiment for. This tee was inspired by the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, who played the iconic role from 1966 — 1969. I was a big fan of the series when I was a child, so when I found out there were bringing back the show. Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver T Shirt I really like this simple design with its inspiration from the classic credit card advert.

doctor who exterminate shirt stays

One of my favourite designs, inspired by the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, who play the role from 1970 -1974. The monochrome combined with the typography makes this a very effective design.

Doctor Who Exterminate

Mine was Peter Davidson, the fifth doctor. I would have to say that the stories that I have enjoyed the most are those of Matt Smith, who is of course the eleventh incarnation of the Doctor. I like the perspective of this tee.