What is happening in israel now 2016

Israel operates a two-tiered system in the West Bank that provides preferential treatment to Israeli settlers while imposing harsh conditions on Palestinians.

what is happening in israel now 2016

Interview 'History is almost all politics, great men and war'. Michael Cohen to say the then candidate indicated he should lie about Moscow real estate project, knew of upcoming WikiLeaks publication of Clinton emails. Adnan Ghaith reportedly under investigation over Palestinian Authority action to counter land sales to Jews in the east of the city. Ex-Jerusalem mayor poised to overtake Netanyahu as richest MK. Power outages jeopardize water supply, interfere with sewage treatment, and cripple hospital operations.

Deadly blaze in main Cairo railway station kills at least 20 and injures 40 The Washington Post. Deadly blaze at Cairo's main railway station BBC. These rockets cannot be accurately aimed at military objectives and amount to indiscriminate or deliberate attacks on civilians when directed at Israeli population centers.

Israel is responsible for the Chief Rabbi of Argentina.

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Top Ops. The desecration of Israel. Original copy of 1939 British White Paper to be auctioned. By Chris Lefkow and Elodie Cuzin. The never-ending space race: Holocaust historian quits synagogue that backed Netanyahu deal with extremist party Ynet. Esor Ben-Sorek. It delivers Israel News, Arab and Israeli conflict updates, and news about the Jewish life both in Israel and in the diaspora.

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Deborah Lipstadt resigns from synagogue over defense of Israeli extreme right. Martin Oliner.

what is happening in israel now 2016

United States Why are Jewish activists protesting travel to Israel? The PA in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza escalated crackdowns on dissent, arbitrarily arresting critics, and abusing those in their custody.

what is happening in israel now 2016

Travel ban should be issued against Israeli settlers- Palestinian FM. In this same period, attacks by settlers killed three Palestinians, injured 49, and damaged property in 106 incidents, according to OCHA.

Jesus, the Temple and an Ancient Weight Stone.