What happened on general hospital today sonny

what happened on general hospital today sonny

Can she and Curtis discover a pattern before he kills again? Carly visits Sonny, not wanting him to be alone on Thanksgiving, and tells him that Michael took the Quartermaine's last name. To direct Deke's attention away from his mother, Sonny begins acting out.

what happened on general hospital today sonny

Johnny apologizes to Sonny, but explains that he has gained power within the prison walls, and could lose it if he shows weakness. Jenny Eckert.

what happened on general hospital today sonny

You must be logged in to post a comment. Blackmailed A. Liesl then leaves with a warning to remember what she said, then runs into Valentin.


You May Also Like. Lena Spencer married to Tim Spencer. Dante Falconeri married to Lulu Spencer-Falconeri. Unfortunately for Johnny, Shawn makes one of Julian's associates, Jordan Ashford actually an undercover agent working for Anna join the plot in saving Ric.

He also explains to Sonny that he wanted to create the Port Charles Mob Alliance by taking over his and Julian's territories. Sonny offers to help her in putting Johnny away, by pushing Johnny into taking action against him.

what happened on general hospital today sonny

Nonetheless, Kiefer's abusive nature and the truth quickly become public knowledge, and Ethan is given a clean slate. On January 9, Julian is threatened by Johnny's thugs and Sonny leaves them to kill him. After Jason leaves, Carly discovers that she is pregnant and is being blackmailed by A.

what happened on general hospital today sonny

Rivera agrees to help Sonny, but only if he marries Lily. Quartermaine injured him while driving drunk, sells Sonny his stock in his family's company, ELQ Enterprises , and joins the Corinthos-Rivera Organization. Jason is unsure but Sonny wants "justice". In 2008, as Sonny's 12-year-old son, Michael, is starting to act like a mobster, he accidentally shoots Kate Howard.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny and Margaux Romance Leaked by GH Inside Source

In 1993, Sonny Corinthos arrives in town as a minor mafia employee, running a strip club called "The Paradise Lounge" for Frank Smith where he feeds Karen Wexler drugs as a way of keeping her working there. Subsequently, Claire disposes of the evidence against Sonny when they discover that Ronnie had acquired it without a warrant.

Sonny hears Carly scream and shoots Lorenzo but the bullet lands in Carly's head, causing her to go in to a coma, after giving birth to Morgan Corinthos. Sonny with Olivia and their son, Dante A few days later Sonny goes to visit Kristina at her house, briefly seeing the real abuser Kiefer. Michael confronts Sonny about A. Sonny and Carly then decided against a divorce.

Sonny asks Shawn to dig up Bill Eckert's grave, and they find it is empty.