How to unlock henne mines secret area

There is a secret area in the Henne Mines that you can open up at endgame, but it requires a great deal of work. Forgot your username or password? Free MMO. Don't have an account? Judicer's Staff.

Henne Mines

Start a Wiki. How do I open the door to get in since I checked the door and it told me it was tightly shut? Final Fantasy 12 - Zodiac License Board, best Jobs for each character, how to build the best party and Gambits explained. Published Jul.

how to unlock henne mines secret area

At first only the Phase 1 site and dig are accessible from the Ozmone Plain ; also, Phase 2 can be accessed from the Feywood , but only a small portion is accessible until the Esper Zodiark is defeated. Unlockable Fishing Spots. How do you get to the henne mines?

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how to unlock henne mines secret area

Platinum Dagger. If you are in a town or any other place where Vaan is the only on-screen character then it must be equipped on him.

how to unlock henne mines secret area

Bhujerba - Lhusu Mines. Grand Armor. It is petitioned by High-chief Zayalu in Jahara. The best PS4 Black Friday deals.

secret area in henne mines

Please do not use this box to ask a question , it will be rejected - this box is for answers ONLY. The area ahead is a pretty tough slog but most of the enemies within are easy fodder for your healers to Curaja out of existence, and if you've got Excalibur it can also make short work of them.

how to unlock henne mines secret area

Glaring Eye can spawn after defeating at least one Hecteyes. Once all the Abysteels are slain, the player must move two areas away and return to spawn more when the switch is flipped again.

Musk Stick. Rear Guard 4 marks, 8000 cp. Add your answer 3 Answers. Besides the Break spell, it is recommended to have another ally to cast Sleepga on the Jellies and another one prepares curative spells to keep the party alive.

how to unlock henne mines secret area