How to rearrange playlist spotify

how to rearrange playlist spotify

I eventually got tired of not being able to reorder tracks in my playlists on my phone so I made an app for it, here you go: I gave it a kudo. Visit my post with the tutorial Here: Last update: This feature does not seem to work anymore? How to change Premium subscription.

how to rearrange playlist spotify

How to change Premium subscription. Go to Solution. I was always able to move around songs within my playlist and now i can not.

Spotify finally lets Android users reorder playlists

Solved 495 Replies Last update: Reply 9 Likes. You can only sort stuff if none of the columns selected for ordering AND you have Queue play mode selected! Playlist order on mobile device Solved! It has to be downloaded to your computer.

Spotify Update: Playlist editing, or how to reorder

Accepted Solutions. Interesting that Spotify still haven't fixed it. Last update: Solved 495 Replies Last update: Give this a kudo: Ive been waiting about 3 years for this simple feature, still no joy.

I am looking specifically to be able to rearrange the order while sorting by Custom, as you can do in the desktop app. Rearranging the playlists is as simple as clicking and dragging the playlist name to the desired spot on the playlist.

How to Rearrange Spotify Playlist Tracks

Before I had an iphone and used this feature a lot. The same here, I always want newest tracks at the top, not bottom - its illogical! I don't think that functionality is implemented in the iOS app, but was hoping I was just not seeing that drag option. Hello, There currently isn't an automatic organisation option.

how to rearrange playlist spotify

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