How to make tulang naga chain

Glaring with 18K gold accented eyes, it's a ferocious addition to any collection. This is the same measurement used for collar sizes in men's shirts.

Unlike the lobster claw or spring ring clasps, a toggle clasp is not controlled by a spring. Appropriate women's necklace lengths are more dependent upon the style than neck measurement.

I use to do it on the Bart Train into the East bay, and had audiences of people fascinated with what I was doing. It is a quick and easy way to secure jewelry while not having to fuss with a tiny clasp, which can be difficult if you have long fingernails, arthritic hands or other mobility challenges. Shop All Home.

The last step after the final annealing is to run it like a shining cloth over a shoe, over a steel bracelet mandrel.

Artisan Silver by Samuel B. 18" or 22" Tulang Naga Chain Dragon Necklace

Popular types of plating are rhodium plating, gold plating and anti-tarnish plating. The circle then closes around another smaller loop or link at the other end of the strand.

It is part of the overall design and can be a very important focal point. Barrel Clasp: The alloy is added to pure silver to make the metal more durable, tougher and harder. Shop All Electronics. In most cases, a magnetic clasp is used for light to medium weight jewelry pieces that do not put excessive stress on the magnet.

A member of the platinum metal group, rhodium is often used as a finishing touch on silver jewelry. Grab fierce, unflinching style by the tail - much like this awesome dragon necklace from Artisan Silver by Samuel B.

The pretty design is less secure than other closure types, but is usually meant to be a big part of the design and is meant to "show".

Clearance New Arrivals Web Exclusive. The most reflective of all metals excluding mercury , sterling silver looks stunning by itself and brings out the best hues in an array of colorful gemstones.

Sterling Silver Bali Tulang Naga Chain

Please contact: Toggle Clasp: It's easy to keep your sterling silver sparkling, though, by taking a few steps to prevent tarnish and other wear and tear. Although this type of clasp is found on both bracelets and necklaces, it is particularly popular on bracelet styles. In order to be called sterling silver, a metal must be made up of a minimum of 92. Sterling silver with 18K yellow gold accents Measurements: