What guys are really thinking smosh wiki

what guys are really thinking smosh wiki

Vincent Price's laughing can be heard in the background as the video ends. All the better to kiss you with tonight. Benedict says that is perfect day would be to invite the lady out to some nice dinner, then treat her to whatever she likes.

Next Video: Sign In Don't have an account? Back in the present, Anthony knew that didn't happen, in which Ian confessed.

What Guys Are Really Thinking

Name Rap or Die Next Video: Pat Ian stops the video asking rhetorically if that happened to any of the audience. The girl didn't like what the caveman did which the caveman questioned.

what guys are really thinking smosh wiki

Ian tries to stop him from hurting himself, and grabs him from behind. Anthony laughs at the revelation that everyone thought Ian's Hot Pocket was hot, not his leather shorts. The historian, Giorgio B.


Thumbnail of That's Hot! April then says that Ian and Anthony need to be petting cute puppies, while Otto adds that the puppies need to be "blinged out puppies. They started yelling about Ryan Goslin.

what guys are really thinking smosh wiki

They then realize that there was a dead guy under their rug and asked Anthony about it. She asks him to come over to "tell her a joke. In 2002, a younger Ian answers the door to greet a younger Anthony in 60s clothes and an afro, telling him that they're going to be late for school. Anthony says that it's "the bomb.

what guys are really thinking smosh wiki

Retrieved from " https: But at the end, it reveals that the delivery guy really was a zombie! Anthony goes to his room and researches on how to prevent Ian from hearing his thoughts.