Print what you want bookmarklet toolbar

print what you want bookmarklet toolbar

This way you can also transfer them to your eReader, rather than printing them and wasting paper and ink. The dropdown menu for selecting a change set to apply will be disabled. Click and drag the "PrintWhatYouLike" link to your bookmarks bar.

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When all the changes have been undone, the dropdown menu for selecting a change set will be enabled, and you can select a different change set to apply. You can also use the keyboard shortcut, L. When you undo changes, the change will be removed from the list of changes in the change set.

Windows Mac iPhone Android. The page's content is squished into one narrow column. DIY Security.


Skip to content. If you already created a change set and forgot to check the box to automatically apply the change set, you can still set the change set to be automatically applied! You can remove changes that are included in the change set by undoing the changes.

print what you want bookmarklet toolbar

A shortcut is to click Auto Format, which yields a text only version of the website. Or you can share it via Facebook, Twitter, Email, or by using the provided link.

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Less intuitive. Once you have applied a change set to a web page, you can save any additional changes you make to the change set. Firefox users looking for a similar extension can try Print Edit , which gives you a similar interface where you can highlight test, remove images and ads, and pass the final product on to your printer.

Click on the button, and the current page will open with the PrintWhatYouLike toolbar.

print what you want bookmarklet toolbar

Every change is undoable. However, when we asked our parents to try it out, it was a whole different story… At first they tried clicking on the Print button, thinking it would magically format the page for them, but they were disappointed to find out that it only printed the page as is. Actually, I am thinking to add PrintFriendly button to my senior project it is a web application.

Google Chrome: Add a Print Button to the Bookmarks Bar

Save change set. Click on the 'Delete' button to delete the change set. To apply a change set, select the change set from the dropdown list. Bookmarklets , Printables , Printing.

print what you want bookmarklet toolbar