How to verify dragonfable account on aqw

New Messages. I seriously doubt that it's going to let you get more than one 10k offer if you've had the account for less a year.

how to verify dragonfable account on aqw

If you've already used a credit card once, it cannot be used again to obtain the offer. That's worth 200 Artix Points.

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Can I use a code more than once? Figured it was worth asking. Good luck.

how to verify dragonfable account on aqw

On an off-had note: Is there a way to unverify a guardian account from an aqw account? Thanks again: There are a few rules with the netflix offer.

how to verify dragonfable account on aqw

You will need to contact UltimatePay directly to figure that out. I was wondering if there were a way to unlink it from my master account. I play those 3 accounts nobody else so I'll just link them to my master account instead, I always thought I could only link 1 AQ account to my master account. Yet I can still access my character page.

Thank uou. What could I be doing wrong? I'm pretty sure you'll have to do the buy-wait-buy-wait thing unless you've had the account for 2 years already and haven't used the "special offer" yet within that time.

how to verify dragonfable account on aqw

Hell Quest v0. Tanoro Member. What could possibly cast 40k z-tokens? Here is mine Http: I have a question, my aqw acount and masteracount was hacked a time ago. I'm very sorry there is nothing more that the forum staff can do. Have a nice day and please have a quick answer!

Well I just found out that next thursday we're planning on getting the direct tv package deal. Rhubarb, Remember that Direct Tv ad deal?

We apologize for the inconvenience. Ive only gotten transaction IDs for paying for points, not tokens.