Balasingam chow yu-mei chiang

Prior to writing full-time, she was an English teacher at a local junior college and subsequently worked at the Ministry of Education.

Yu-Mei Balasingamchow

Rooney, Dawn F. He was a teacher for two decades before becoming an academic book editor. University of Iowa Physical Education for Women. Poh, Lindy Lindy Poh is an art curator and consultant, writer and lawyer specializing in intellectual property, arts, culture, heritage, entertainment and media law.

Barbey, Bruno French-born Bruno Barbey has been a photographer for more than 50 years and is recognised for his free and harmonious use of colour. Mathieu, Caroline Caroline Mathieu is a curator at the Musee d'Orsay and is a well respected expert in her field.

Zhang Yueran & Jeremy Tiang Book Reading, update by Robin Stienberg, National Critics Choice

After years working in television, he switched careers to embrace his true passion, documentary photography. Levi O.

Singapore: A Biography

Lowry, Stephen After years of travelling and freelance writing on a wide range of subjects the arts, health, business , Stephen Lowry settled in Bangkok, Thailand in 1991. Bollinger Collection. Compost, Alain Alain Compost is a French-born wildlife photographer and cameraman with extensive experience in tropical environments.

Andrew Wight , born in 1946 in England, did geological degrees at Bristol University but forsook his fossil studies to search for petroleum. Jonathan Fenby , born in 1942, is a founding partner and Managing Director of the China team at Trusted Sources, the emerging markets research and consultancy firm headquartered in London. Young Lords Organization Newsletters.

Born in Mons, Belgium, in 1960, Carl Norac is the son of a writer and an actress.

Mildred Wirt Benson Collection. Grandmother Yu-Mei Balasingamchow pp. Curtis, Dato' Richard Dato' Richard Curtis is the fourth generation in a line of merchants, sea captains and administrators to lve in the region covered in this book. Gao, Chunming. Jin Seng, Cheah Penang-born Professor Cheah Jin Seng is an avid philatelist and deltiologist, and is particularly well-versed in the postal history of both Singapore and Malaysia.