How to use liberated in a sentence

how to use liberated in a sentence

The new policyrepresented by what was known as the Kilmainham Treatyled to the resignation of the viceroy, Lord Cowper, and of Forster, and the appointnient of Lord Spencer and Lord Frederick Cavendish as their successors. Translation of liberate.

how to use liberated in a sentence

On the contrary, it liberated us. Comments on liberate What made you want to look up liberate? As to the detergent action of a soap, Berzelius held that it was due to the free alkali liberated with water; but it is difficult to see why a solution which has just thrown off most of its fatty acids should be disposed to take up even a glyceride, and, moreover, on this theory, weak cold solutions, in which the hydrolysis is considerable, should be the best cleansers, whilst experience points to the use of hot concentrated solutions.

In 1036 Geoffrey Martel had to liberate William the Fat, on payment of a heavy ransom, but the latter having died in 1038, and the second son of William the Great, Odo, duke of Gascony, having fallen in his turn at the siege of Mauze loth of March 1039 Geoffrey made peace with his father in the autumn of 1039, and had his wife's two sons recognized as dukes.

Learn More about liberate. The animal and the plant alike require food to repair waste, to build up new tissue and to provide material which, by chemical change, may liberate the energy which appears in the processes of life. The mass of substance liberated from an electrolyte by the passage of a current is proportional I to the total quantity of electricity which passes through the electrolyte, and 2 to the chemical equivalent weight of the substance liberated.

Liberated Sentence Examples

It is those people I pity, and for their sake I should like to liberate the serfs. It is clear that, when two opposite streams of ions move past each other, equivalent quantities are liberated at the two ends of the system.

how to use liberated in a sentence

If a favourable change in the surrounding medium sets in, the Trypanosomes are able to undergo the reverse process, namely disagglomeration; the parasites liberate themselves and the rosette is dissolved. Love words? When the imprisoned gentlemen appealed to the kings bench for a writ of habeas corpus, it appeared that no cause of committal had been assigned, and the judges therefore refused to liberate them.

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We're in the process of liberating Haiti. Xhosa Trevor Noah trolls Oscar audience.

how to use liberated in a sentence

A section apart, contrasting sharply with the families next to be mentioned, in none of which are free medusae liberated from the colony, so that only the characters of the trophosome need be considered. Recent Examples on the Web The form seems to liberate her from concerns about divulging too much. Deposed in 1805, he escaped to St Petersburg, and in 1806, at the head of some 20,000 Russians, returned to Bucharest, where he set to work on a fresh attempt to liberate Greece.

how to use liberated in a sentence

Translation of liberate for Arabic Speakers. I now proclaim the city of Hebron as a liberated city.

Liberate Sentence Examples

By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For a time his headquarters were in Chicago, and an elaborate attempt to liberate Confederate prisoners in Chicago known as the Camp Douglas Conspiracy was thwarted by a discovery of the plans. He got plenty of work done there; he made friends; he felt liberated and enjoyed himself. We have liberated 200 hostages and the operation is going on.

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