Holley 3310-4 0876 what did it fit

Holley Diagrams.

750 CFM Classic Holley Carburetor

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Holley 3310-3, 3310-4, 3310-6 etc

I will drive up to two hours to deliver within Michigan unless buyer pays for shipping. This listing is no longer available. Part 17-6. Dec 2, 2014 6.

Power Valve Jets Discharge Nozzles. Related Searches: RS1979 , Dec 2, 2014. Power Valve. The shape of the entry, exit, and size determines flow. The seller must relist this item before you can purchase it.

Vintage 4 Barrel Holley 750 CFM 3310-4 Carburetor Model 4160 (vaccum Secondary)

Part 20-95. Hardware Kit. Old 3310 factory gm carbs all had the rear metering block and down leg boosters much like the 3310-1. There are no differences to speak of at all actually. Hg Quant. Mildly Modified. Part 37-754. Last edited: Gaskets for Holleys. View compatible vehicles. Part 20-88. Holley Fittings. PayPal or cash. Hg, "85" indicates 8.