Where is she the killers album sales


From that point forward, it would be the only Killers album anyone would ever need, and perhaps seen as the only album they ever made. Does Flowers' unyielding belief in his own profundity make Direct Hits even more effective as camp? For one thing, Direct Hits is mostly chronological.

where is she the killers album sales

Did you know this? Skip to content Search query All Results. And why weren't they any fun? They topped a night of Coachella back in 2009, but it was a sparsely attended weekend that stood as the festival's bottoming out.

where is she the killers album sales

The Killers' greatest hits collection, Direct Hits, includes singles from their four studio albums along with new songs the M83-produced "Shot at the Night" and "Just Another Girl", produced by Stuart Price. There was a dissonance between what many listeners wanted out of the Killers and how the Killers saw themselves.

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The Killers

In their defense, give it four years and their headliner gig will look more justified than that of Phoenix. In short, a band whose campiness often appears to be some sort of glandular problem rather than a product of artistic intent, but are nonetheless given the benefit of the doubt and taken seriously.

In 2004, we had a couple of guys from Las Vegas with a careerist streak so blatant it was actually charming and Hot Fuss , an album with gargantuan singles and a complete lack of even adequate deep cuts.

where is she the killers album sales

Even more damning is that most of the songs on Direct Hits stopped becoming hits. The plural moniker generated a tentative association with the Strokes or the Vines, who were already signaling the commercial obsolescence of the "New Rock Revival. But c0me on, we knew from the start that was all going to be irrelevant prelude at some point.

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where is she the killers album sales

Taken as a whole, it proves the band has fewer actual hits, let alone great ones, than you thought. It actually is, at least in the way Direct Hits plays out. At the Disco were watching.

The Killers set new chart record with ‘Wonderful Wonderful’

Chart performance is typically meaningless in 2013, but the Killers actively seek out hits and have all the resources to make them happen. The Killers wanted to be U2 or Coldplay, not in sound so much as in reputation. And how many other bands from the past decade can honestly claim more than four actual hits?