Where are my contacts in outlook

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How to Find an Outlook Contacts File

Excellent - thanks Karl. The only required information is the Name. The Search People box only searches on names and email addresses. In the navigation bar at the bottom, click People.

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where are my contacts in outlook

If the Outlook Address Book service is added into the profile you can make any Contacts folder so even the additional ones you may have made yourself already show in the Address Book. Click Edit if you want to make changes, or you can double-click a contact to view or make changes in a separate window.

If the information you add isn't complete, Outlook displays a dialog box to help you get everything in the right place.

How to View Your Contacts on Outlook.com

Outlook displays your search results in card form, showing the contact photo, email address, business or home address, and phone numbers. On the Standard toolbar, click Address Book Tip: In the Find box, type the information in the appropriate fields. Copyright HowTo-Outlook 2003-2019.

where are my contacts in outlook

Volunteer Moderator. Search for a contact in the People pane Choose People at the bottom of the screen. Welcome to Microsoft Community. Import and export vCards to Outlook contacts.

In any table view, such as Phone List or By Company , click a column heading to sort the contacts by the criteria that are associated with the column.

I've lost ALL of my contacts in Outlook.

Open Windows Explorer, click the "C" drive icon, and double-click the "Users" folder to open it. To resolve this issue let us follow these steps: If you type ta , Outlook will further refine that list to Tanya.

where are my contacts in outlook

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