What does quel mean in french

Paul Paul 1. Quelle heure est-il?

Interrogative Adjectives

Informally, you can put quel and the noun at the end of the question: Quel and quoi both translate to what. For example: Quoi only appears in questions as the second word, directly after the preposition.

what does quel mean in french

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what does quel mean in french

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what does quel mean in french

You can update these preferences at any time via your profile. To say "which one? Qu'elle stands for que elle which means that she as in l'homme qu'elle aime litt.

what does quel mean in french

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When to Use Quel in a French Question

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Asking questions in French with EST-CE QUE (French Essentials Lesson 30)

All four words are pronounced identically in front of consonants: