How to compare ratios using table

Another method is to compare the values of the ratios. But maybe the easiest is to start with the ratio that they gave us, where they gave us both the numerator and the denominator, and then move from there.

how to compare ratios using table

Solving ratio problems with tables. So table 1 seems completely reasonable. So we compare the second numbers associated with the identical values.

Solving ratio problems with tables

Fill in the missing values. But then they want us to write equivalent ratios where we have to fill in different blanks over here-- here in the denominator and here in the numerator.

how to compare ratios using table

If you compare the 3 to the 12, to go from 12 to 3, you have to divide by 4. So in the numerator, you're dividing by 4. So for example, if we look at this one right over here, the numerator is 12. Table 4-- so 14 to 10.

how to compare ratios using table

What we want to do-- because you look at these two things. Which of these tables might show the distances one of Lunara's friends traveled over time? And then we could go up here.

How do I compare them? So table 1-- so distance run in meters.

how to compare ratios using table

We see that the ratios have identical values in middle column. So that's the same thing as-- let's see, that's the same ratio as, if we were to divide by 2, as 7 to 5 ratio. Privacy Policy Cookies Policy Contact.

Ratio tables.

Using Tables to Compare Ratios

Ratios and double number lines. Fair enough. Each of them runs at a constant speed starting at time 0.

how to compare ratios using table