What is mivec engine

Mitsubishi Motors’ MIVEC, CVT and RISE

Finally something about Electronic Engine Management. Earlier thi [... Coaltram 10-25-2013 Yes!

what is mivec engine

Look for this link on your favorites: Outlander Sport Mitsubishi Mirage: Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. In the Outlander launched in 2005, the Delica D: This system continuously varies intake side cam and exhaust side cam independently, so it enables more precise control based on engine revolutions and load. Do Not Change This: You can search our Mitsubishi inventory online here.

Japan: Mitsubishi announces new MIVEC engine

Can you repair it? The all-new variable-valve structure simply adds an oscillating cam, a support shaft, and a center rocker arm to the conventional SOHC's rotating cam, rocker arm and rocker shaft. There are many systems implanted into engines today to improve performance and some brands, like Mitsubishi Motors, have created their own special engine systems to better serve their customers.

When an engine has CVT integrated into it, the input shaft, or the mechanism that delivers power to the gearbox and the ability to switch gears automatically, maintains its rotational speed.

Comparison of MIVEC, VTEC and VVT

The MIVEC engine used in "Mirage" model uses the continuously variable intake valve timing MIVEC system that continuously and optimally controls the intake valve timing according to engine running conditions.

The question would be which variable valve actuation system is the most efficient: In the Outlander launched in 2005 and Galant Fortis launched in 2007, they adopted a mechanism that continuously controls the intake and exhaust valve timing.

what is mivec engine

Reducing the weight of the engine naturally leads to increased acceleration performance and fuel economy. Your email: In order to reduce exhaust emission, Mitsubishi adopted a rear exhaust layout. Just like the silhouette of the Mitsubishi [...

what is mivec engine

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