What is eco fascism

Eco-fascist 2016. Macdonald's Green Inc.

what is eco fascism

Every academic journal article and government study on one of these incidents has the potential to be recast with a sickening xenophobic subtext, a gross reactionary gloss. Other spokespersons for social ecology, like Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier, have later carried on this peculiar work. Savitri Devi was a writer from India who openly admired Hitler while promoting animal rights and vegetarianism, which she linked to a denunciation of Jewish dietary practices.

An alternative to the new wave of ecofascism

The language he used and metaphors as shown in his writings, display his considerable knowledge of European culture.

Deep Ecology sees reason as endemic to human-centered worldviews that have produced the ecological crisis. In Linkola's dystopian vision, the resources of the state are mobilised to clamp down on individual liberty.

what is eco fascism

Climate change Green politics comment. This is what happened in the German Green Party and Bahro combatted it. Nature can be moulded to human interests.

what is eco fascism

They both use computer-type and other technologies, such as radio-collars, implanted computer chips, banding, etc. She was arrested in Germany this past January while attending the trial of a fellow Holocaust denier.

Whereas Lovelock puts his faith in advanced technology , Linkola proposes a turn to fascistic primitivism.

Two writers from the early to mid 20th century who supported Nazi and Fascist political movements are strongly associated with ecofascism and remain among the primary sources for the incorporation of ecological views within neo-Nazi and neo-fascist groups today: The Environmental Movement in Alberta 2010. The basic idea is the belief that nature does not exist to serve humans.

This does not necessarily follow.

what is eco fascism

Caute 20. In the United Kingdom , the Third Way political party has been accused by left-wing watchdog groups of ecofascism, although Third Way says it has renounced all fascist ideology and describes itself as in the "radical centre".

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what is eco fascism

February, 2000. Yet supporters of deep ecology, if they think about the concept of ecofascism, see the ongoing violent onslaught against Nature and its non-human life forms plant life, insects, birds, mammals, etc.


Whereas all these particular social ecologists seem to be offering as the way forward, is a human-centered and non-ecological, anarchist social theory, pulled together from the past. Why would we want something created for ourselves and yet watch nature be destroyed?

Yet even this is wrong, although one can and should learn from this, I believe, important theoretical tendency.